StandDaddy Introduction

StandDaddy Introduction


…Setting up my photography studio without a fat bank account,

I was forced to purchase cheap tripods and lighting like many of us.

The gear works ok…well sort of.  Unless I would need to move positions quickly, accidentally knocking everything over.  My light weight camera tripods worked just about as well… until I wanted nice shots (specially my slider shots) that needed a steady rest.

Pats SmileStill, I plowed through until one day UPS dropped off an Amazon order, a $30 tripod boom stand kit with a 43″ reflector. Pulled it out of the box and put it together then wham… it hit the floor! Readjusted and retracted the boom all the way in and it hit the floor again.

Out of the box, this thing could not support it’s own weight, in any position. I was like WHAT?

Being a machinist and design engineer, I went out in the shop and designed and built the first StandDaddy™ prototype. Grabbed my exercise weight plates gathering dust in the garage, and from then on my Amazon stands worked flawlessly.  That $30 reflector boom stand kit is now stable. I can move it without falling over and place it where I need… even fully extended.

My perfect stand positions now can remain just that… perfect!

Since then people have been testing StandDaddy™ for all types of tripod stands, both inexpensive and professional models. Lighting stands, booms, and microphone stands as well. In home studios and professional studios. Recording studios and live shoots in the field, and more, with outstanding results.

I’m happy to introduce StandDaddy™ Large. A new large version StandDaddy™ that works with all large diameter stands and tripods with any shape legs and arms for larger photographic equipment, recording studios, and land surveyors tripod stands in the field.

Today, our StandDaddy™ team will be working hard to expand operations, and provide StandDaddy™ in many industries.  I think you will be happy with our product.

Thank you for your business and support,