About Standdaddy

Obsessed with Quality- Heavy Duty Engineered Designs....

Inventing was in my blood as a kid, building an electric bike in the 6th grade. Designing and fabricating heavy duty portable mining equipment in my 30's.

Now in my 50's- it's tool and die machining and CNC machine programming.
I started a machine shop completely off grid in the middle of the Shasta Trinity National forest. Built a post and beam shop with a portable sawmill, from our trees into beams.

With only roofing paper for siding and the wood stove burning, I studied tool and die machine programing on my first CNC machine while snow fell outside.

When every manufacturer in the industry told me it wasn't possible to run 3 phase industry standard CNC machines on single phase solar power, I did. I figured out how.

Now, back to civilization with a new prototype machine facility, our team uses this same passion for the StandDaddy™ brand. Heavy duty product. Easy to use. Unbreakable lifetime warranty.

Warmest regards...



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