Frequent Ask Questions


Frequent Questions

Do I need to use tools with my StandDaddy

Nope. No tools are needed. Just a slight hand pressure- finger snug will hold rock solid.

Can I break StandDaddy™?

Nope.  StandDaddy™ is made with Ultra-High 6000 psi Tensile Strength Industrial Grade Composite Materials. It’s totally unbreakable with normal use, and has a lifetime warranty. Lifetime purchase.  We will replace it if you happen to break it.  No charge.

What kind of weights can I use and where can I get them?

You can use any standard barbell exercise weight plates with the 1″ hole. They all have a 1″ hole accept for Olympic Style weights that have a 2″ hole. Our Industrial large size will be using the Olympic size plates. The most convenient (and lowest cost) plates are the 2 or 2.5 pound plates like you can find at Walmart for less than $2.00 in the sporting goods department. They normally have “Golds Gym” 2.5 weight plates in stock. You can always stack plates together if you need more weight.  Garage sales and second hand stores are good places to find weight plates too.  Next to nothin’ in cost. 

Will StandDaddy damage my stands?

Nope. They won’t scratch your paint or finish, and as long as you don’t crank them down to hard and over tighten them, they won’t even dent the thin legs found on cheap stands.  You’ll find they need so little pressure that you won’t.

What will shipping cost?

Shipping on all orders is FREE in the USA. International shipping will be at an extra charge, shipped USPS for the lowest cost.

What if I happen to somehow break my StandDaddy?

No worries.  No problem. We offer a no BS lifetime warranty under normal use, and will replace it at no cost.

Will StandDaddy work on all of my tripods, lighting, boom, and backdrop stands?

Yep. Anything up to 1″.  Even odd shapes- square, rectangle, flat, etc., will work, as well as very small diameters  and thicknesses tighten down with little pressure. 1″ covers about every size normally used by the consumer market. Large commercial stands with larger diameter booms, legs, etc. would need to use Olympic Style Plates and our large 2″ industrial size coming out and available soon.

Will StandDaddy™ work with Generic C- Stands, and Matthews C-Stands?

Yep. Up to 1″ as long as you can slide a weight and StandDaddy™ on..

Is StandDaddyPatented?

Yep. Right now we have a Patent Pending in the USA and Internationally.

If you have any other questions at all, please shoot us an email in the contact section and we will add it to the list here.